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  • SouthPorttoBeantown
    2+ weeks old

    Living in South Portland while.. Continuing to work in Boston. Am I crazy? Long story short, I will be renting in Sth. Portland while my partner finishes up school here. I work in Boston. The drive is definitely a haul, but how about the DownEaster train? I know it runs often and there has to be some people here who can share their opinions on making the commute.

    • Lights
      2+ weeks old

      I would say that you should take the DownEaster, because although it is expensive and takes 2.5 hours, you will not have to deal with traffic and you can sleep on the way to work and home. The entire commute is probably going to take you over 3 hours from door to door, but it honestly may take you longer if you decide to drive. If you are making this commute in the summer when traffic can be really heavy you will absolutely want to take the train. I would look into getting a monthly pass so that you save some money, but keep in mind it is going to be more expensive than driving. My overall recommendation would be to move out, but it doesn't sound like you want to do that.