Furniture rental in Portland area?

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  • rentfurn
    2+ weeks old

    Furniture rental in Portland area? I have just moved into my first apartment. It's on Monjoy Hill. I moved in here with only a couch. I would like to rent some furniture, at least until I can afford to buy my own. Where can I do this? I have heard of Rent To Own, but the reviews were not so great. Lots of people saying it's a ripoff.

    • rentAcenter
      2+ weeks old

      Rent-A-Center is always a great place and is kind of the go to place for anyone looking to rent in the New England area. The place has great furniture and has good rental rates and most of the stuff you rent is new. Also, if you really like the stuff you rent you can buy it from Rent-A-Center and it won't be unreasonable.