Fall is here, leaf raking time

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  • leafmealone
    2+ weeks old

    Fall is here, leaf raking time. My landlord is allowing me to handle yard work for my duplex this Fall and this includes raking. I will need information on leaf collection in Silver Spring.  Can I just leave them curbside outside of my apartment on trash collection day?

    • LLWS2007
      2+ weeks old

      Here is a link about leaf collections in Silver Spring: http://www.silverspringcenter.com/leaf_collecti...
      They usually just pick them up as long as they are in bags so it shouldn't be a problem. Are you getting paid or reduced rent to be the groundskeeper...either way that is very kind of you. I used to do that at my Grandparents apartment complex when I was a kid and it was always a pain in the ass because they had a very large yard and the tenants would come out and ask you to do stuff for them. I don't know why they think they can do that, but just as a heads up people might feel entitled and ask you to do things that you aren't getting paid for.