Afford Rent in Potomac? Yea Right!

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  • TooPo4Poto
    2+ weeks old

    Afford Rent in Potomac? Yea Right! Who the heck lives here? Avg. rent for a 3 bedroom is over 3 thousand a month. I know people with mortgages half that. All set thanks! Someone give me some more affordable places to check out please.

    • Waht
      2+ weeks old

      I don't like the tone of your voice, mister. There are HARD-WORKING people in Potomac who WORK to AFFORD their rent. Maybe you should get a CEO position THEN you can start criticizing these these people who are LIVING the American dream! If you don't like THESE prices, then move to another nearby area with LESS rent! These rich yuppies who LIVE here and drive up the prices are JERKS and only can afford it because they CHEAT the system. You're right, you should just GO and live somewhere else! Or call a real estate agent in Potomac, they can search according to your budget.