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  • sillygirl
    2+ weeks old

    Maybe a Dumb Question: New Apartment. I am about to move into my first apartment in October. I know my parents pay taxes on their house, will I need to pay taxes on my new place? I really hope not, everything is budgeted out, from my rent to my food.

    • Tatomakot
      2+ weeks old

      The taxes should be included in the rent. You should contact your landlord to make sure, but almost always the landlord will take part of your rent in order to pay the property taxes. If not, try not eating on Sundays to save money on food. If people ask you about why you don't eat on Sundays just say it is for religious reasons. Nobody will question it. I do it to save money and when people ask I usually just come up with some absurd story, like, "My parents used to blindfold me and drop me off in the woods on Sunday's when I was little and told me to find my way home. Sometimes I would catch a squirrel, but there isn't much meat there." This does two things: 1) It lets everyone know that your parents are awesome and that you're a badass, and 2) It makes them not want to spend money on food on Sundays. Either way, you will literally look like the man. Like a cross between Bear Grylls and Chuck Noris. Call yourself by your Native American name (Sky Blue Peacewalker) and people won't know what to do. FYI I can give you that name because I lived with the chief of the Tatomakot tribe in upstate Maine. Good luck.