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  • friendlypetrenter
    2+ weeks old

    Temorary Animal Shelter While I Rent Here? I will be renting in Greenbelt temporarily while I have my house built. Problem is, I can't find anyplace that allows larger breeds of dogs. I would be looking to put him up for close to 3 months and boarding him is way too pricey. Any shelters in the area that might be able to assist me?

    • cantspell
      2+ weeks old

      I don't think a shelter will temporarily take your dog and then give it back to you; they don't have the resources to do that. If you were to give your dog to a shelter I think it would be permanent, and they would put it up for adoption. This is always an option, but I assume you don't want to do that. You will either need to board your dog and pay the fee or find a friend or someone you know to temporarily take your dog.