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  • savetheplanet
    2+ weeks old

    Recycling for apartment residents in Cabin John. How do residents of apartment complexes recycle if the apt. community isn't supplying a central bin near the dumpsters to place their recyclables? Is their a place to drop it off?

    • treehugger4lyfe
      2+ weeks old

      Here's the county's website that tells you all about the recycling routine: Once you read this it should be very easy. As for the apartment not providing a central bin, that is extremely unnacceptable. People nowadays are so lazy that they just aren't going to recycle because they don't have a central bin and have to actually put in a little effort to recycle. I garuntee the trash is filled with recyclables in your complex. I would encourage you to speak with your neighbors and get them to recycle as well. If they don't want to, tell them to leave the recyclables outsie your door so that you can do it. Especially for elderly people. Also, I hope you would stop people if you see them throwing stuff into the trash bin that shouldn't be there. How are we supposed to stop global warming if we don't recycle? It's people like you and me that are going to stop this. I'm outraged by this right now actually. What complex is this, I would like to have a word with them. Clearly they do not understand the implication that they are having on the environment. Ugh, this is so frustrating! Please recycle! Save the Earth! Be GREEN! Save the animals!