Hi, I and 2 friends are looking for a ...

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  • esha
    2+ weeks old


    I and 2 friends are looking for a 3 Bed room apartment near WPI.
    Kindly send in your apartment details, pictures, amenities available and the lease information. Kindly contact me on the email id eshaprasad88@gmail.com
    I really appreciate it, Thanks!!

    • xBubba71
      2+ weeks old

      I generated a map of all of the 3 bedroom apartments in Worcester and put it below. There are a lot of them to choose from! All you have to do is find WPI on the map and browse the apartments nearby. The price ranges vary, there's one for $796, one for $1,150, and so on. When you find an apartment you like, there should be contact information provided when you click on it. Happy searching!


    • I am a graduate of Assumption College and spent four years in Worcester. It's a great little city with a lot of character.

      I am also Founder of an organization called Rebuilding Together Worcester, renovating homes for elderly and low-income families. The city has such a wonderful sense of community. Check out the organization if you are looking for ways to get involved.

      Enjoy your time in Worcester!