Is it Woe Bin or Woo Burn?

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  • yousaywoobinIsaywoebin
    2+ weeks old

    Is it Woe Bin or Woo Burn? Ok, I feel like an idiot. Just got done looking at apartments and both landlords I saw pronounced Woburn differently. One even corrected me after I said it the way the first landlord said it. Let's settle this once and for all.
    Pick One: Woo Burn or Woe Bin?

    • pakthecahinhahvahdyad
      2+ weeks old

      As a Boston native, it's pronounced woobin or woobun. Either way, there isn't really and R. We don't pronounce the r's in most words. You might also here people pronounce it wooburn, but with a very light r most likely won't be able to hear the r.