Spacious 3 Bedroom apartment in Westford

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  • storm trooper
    2+ weeks old

    Spacious 3 Bedroom apartment in Westford. Searching for a spacious 3 bedroom apartment. My friends and I are all moving out of our parents houses and we are all coming with a lot of baggage. We need a place with decent amount of space that has an open floors plan. Additional parking is also important!

    • Sally_Sundae49
      2+ weeks old

      Are you looking in Westford or Westfield? I'm just confused because you said Westford but you posted it in Westfield. I couldn't find any 3 bedroom apartments in Westford, and in Westfield I only found one:

      It's a bit harder to get a three bedroom then, say, a one or two bedroom. But keep looking and don't confine the search to just Westford/field, look in surrounding towns too. Happy searching