Anyway to estimate cost of utilities?

Swansea, MA ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakAnyway to estimate cost of utilities?

  • massive
    2+ weeks old

    Anyway to estimate cost of utilities? I am currently renting a 1 bedroom, would like to upgrade to a 2 bedroom in Swansea. Can I basically double the cost of things like heat in order to determine how much I might be paying if I double my living space? Is this how it works? I know it's gotta be close.

    • LouR
      2+ weeks old

      The short answer is yes. However, this is assuming that the heating system is the same efficiency and that the apartment is double the size. If I were you I would plan on paying double what you normally pay now and then if it ends up being less it will be like a little extra bonus.

      Hope the move goes well,

    • In my opinion, it all depends on the construction of the building. Does it have insulation? exterior or interior insulation as well? Does it have drywall or old plaster? Does it have newer windows? What kind of heating system does it have? How high are the ceilings and does it have ceiling fans? What floor is the apartment on? Is it on or near the ocean or large body of water? As you can see there are a lot of factors involved, usually a second and third floor have an advantage in the winter because heat rises. If you can ask the landlord for an idea of how much utilities run on average, he/she might know or they might be able to call the utility company to find out. It would be ideal to be able to ask the last tenant but that is usually not an option. I hope this helps. Good luck!