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  • NewtonBorn
    2+ weeks old

    Hey Newton Renters and Home Owners. This isn't really a question, but a helpful tip. The City of Newton publishes a resource guide, find it here: http://www.newtonma.gov/Parks/ArtsParks/pdfs/Re... . Tons of useful info pertaining to Newton and we use it when trying to find a resource in the city

    • zenmastah
      2+ weeks old

      THANKS! This is actually very helpful. I was looking to move here and this guide is really helping and definitely encouraging me to look into moving here. The only question I have is what are the people like. I know people from Boston can sometimes have a temper and I was just wondering if this sort of stereotype extends into Newton. I'm a very peaceful person and enjoy meditation and relaxation and leisurely life, so I don;t want to be surrounded by aggressive people. Thank you