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  • tori
    2+ weeks old

    What do move-in specials stand for? are they deals off rent or fees? do they help you move in? do they allow you to move in immediately? I see a few listings that mention move-in specials

    • Sometimes a Landlord or Property Manager will offer an incentive when they have an apartment that is empty and would like to fill it as soon as possible. Some times they will reduce the first month rent or offer a moving van less the movers and some times they will even offer a gift card to a department store so you can purchase the essentials for your new apartment.

      If the apartment has been cleaned and all neccessary repairs and/or painting has been completed, you can sometimes move in right away or move mid-month in which your rental fee will be prorated for that month, or move in on the first of the month, it really depends on the Landlord or Property Manager when they will let you start moving in. I hope this helps.