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  • SubaruSal
    2+ weeks old

    Millville Fire Department inspection. I really should have been more cautious when looking for an apartment. I just needed to get the heck out of my rents house. I feel as though my apartment might be unsafe. The wiring is really old. I get shocked almost every day. Does anyone know if the Millville Fire Department would do an inspection? If they find anything is my landlord required to fix it? 

    • GeoffreyK
      2+ weeks old

      If you called the fire department I'm sure they would come do an inspection considering that is there job and all. Also, since you just moved in it obviously isn't your fault that the wiring is faulty, so it should be the landlords responsibility to fix it. The fire department could probably recommend someone to fix it and I'm sure they would give the landlord some sort of timeline, especially if they deem it as being a dangerous situation. Hope it all works out and stay safe.