Milford High School any good?

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  • Dadof4
    2+ weeks old

    Milford High School any good? I'm moving my family to Milford. It seems to be a good commuting town to Boston. Does anyone know if Milford High School is a good school? I'm considering sending my kids to private school. 

    • MHSpride
      2+ weeks old

      I have a son at MHS and have been satisfied with the education that he has been receiving. They have a bunch of AP classes and honors classes, so if you kids are smart then they can be in these classes and get a very good education. My son is in the program, so I can't speak for the regular college prep classes, but I know the honors and AP classes and teachers are very good. The top kids in the class usually go to very good schools, so if you are worried about that you shouldn't. Also, I wouldn't bother spending the money to send your kids to private school since you will be spending so much money on college. Your kids will be better of doing really well at a public school than running middle of the pack at a private school.