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  • Anna Akselrod
    2+ weeks old

    Please, try to find a subsidized studio for my Russian speaking mother (she is 90 years old and she has an SSI support of around 700 $$ per month. She is ready to pay about 900 to 1000 per month. The appartment should be within 15-20 minutes by car from Boston, MA

    • Vanessa Abrams
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Anna,

      I would be happy to help you. There are a great number of apartments with your desired requirements. If you search Boston on our site, set the 'Price Range' slide bar to $1000, and the 'Bedrooms' to 0-1, you will see many listings. If you put the "Range' slide bar to within city, you will see at least ten apartments within Boston. If you adjust the slide bar to include miles outside of Boston, you will see many more, including many less expensive. At this time, what I could do is simply recite the list to you, and the site list has more details and pictures.
      Once you've done that, if there are any more specific questions I can help you with, please feel free to inquire. Best of luck!

      Vanessa Abrams