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  • jessica41313
    2+ weeks old

    Looking for an apartment in lowell ma in a nice area. For me, my life time partner, and my daughter and her child on the way.

    • Brittanyy Baker
      2+ weeks old

      Hi -- guessing you are looking for a 2-3 bedroom apartment. Since there are a plethora of apartments in Lowell, and I am not sure specifically your bedroom size need, or budget, etc, you may want to toggle the search features on MyApartmentMap's search engine yourself.

      After searching for Lowell, MA, in the top right, make the green tabs of Bedrooms reflect 2-3, just 2, or 3, etc to reflect your need. For range, putting it all the way to the left makes it stay Within City. The Price Range tab is very useful too. Under the Range tab, there is a more hidden tab that says Show Advanced Options. Click that and you'll be able to search for specific Amenities, Pet Friendliness, and other aspects you may find important. At the top left of the white box that makes up the rest of the page, you can click "sort^" and sort by distance, prices and other information too.

      Hope this helps