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  • toinegee
    2+ weeks old

    Apartments accepting unemployment as income source?. Will a landlord accept this as an income source? I haven't worked in 3 months, but I am actively looking. I imagine with so many people collecting these days, it has to be acceptable?

    • economystruggles
      2+ weeks old

      It depends how much the rent is, the amount you are receiving for unemployment, the amount you have saved, and the discretion of the landlord. If you have a lot of money save up and you are guaranteed to receive the unemployment than there should not be a problem is you are able to pay the rent. You will have to tell the landlord on your application and he will have to decide whether he sees you as a fit tenant. You will be able to find an apartment somewhere, it's just a matter of where and when and whether you can find the right place or not. You could try to find someone that accepts section 8 housing since they are usually used to low income families living in their units. Just keep looking for a job in this crappy economy.