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  • lazyassstudent
    2+ weeks old

    Apartments in 01033 - Umass Student. I am a student @ UMass, and I am a little late to the show in terms of looking for an apartment. Anyone living in the 01033 area code have luck making the commute back and forth to school each day? Any advice or tips would be welcome @ this point.

    • Chuckers2
      2+ weeks old

      Commuting from Granby is possible, it just depends on whether you mind commuting or not. Are you someone who needs to be within walking distance? Or do you have a car that you could drive in every day? Or do you depend on public transit? You should take all these things into consideration (ex: if you take public trans, get an apartment near a bus stop. If you drive a car, get an apt with a parking space). Good luck.