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  • HushUP
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    Loud neighbors, landlord doesn't care. I have complained many times, this was after giving them the benefit of the doubt, but the noise has continued and is disrupting my life. Short of me calling the police, what can I do? I have left them notes, called the landlord(he doesn't care, they pay their rent on time and have lived here for 6 years.) Someone on here has to have had dealt with a similar situation?


    • If it was me in that situation and I was under a lease, I would read the lease to see what it says about my rights to quiet enjoyment and what I'm supposed to do in order to resolve the problem. If I was not under a lease, I would find another place to live because the landlord seems to be on the other tenants side and will not help me solve my problem and will most likely go up on my rent to get me out of there. I would also take pictures and take a video of the apartment after everything was moved out and made spotless. I would not let anyone know that I was taking videos and pictures, that would be my proverbial Ace-Up-My-Sleeve should there be any damage after I left the keys with the landlord after we walked through the apartment for final inspection, especially if he took my security deposit when I moved in. I would also have the landlord sign off on the apartment that there is no damage caused by me or my guests and is cleaned of all furniture and debris, if the landlord refused to sign it, I would write in that landlord refuses to sign and the exact date and time this took place. It would be a good idea to consult an attorney for professional advice. This is merely my opinion of how I would handle the problem. I hope this helps you.