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  • fasilva
    2+ weeks old

    I paid 2300 before signing a lease on 3/31. AS of today, 4/9, the apartment still has not been fully cleaned after the last tenant moved out. I am unable to move furniture in at this time. Poor followup by management. Stay away!

    • Barba
      2+ weeks old

      Hello- Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your new apartment. This commenting section is for renters who have questions. I have no idea what apartment you are even talking about.

    • Sorry you had a bad experience with this apartment. You may want to ask the landlord for a prorated refund for the days you were unable to take physical possession of the apartment. Next time you find an apartment I would suggest that the landlord go with you to check the apartment to make sure it is ready for you. At this time it would be a good idea to take pictures and (At Move-in Walkthrough) write down a list of damages or none working items, then you and the landlord sign it but just make sure you each have a signed copy of it. When you move out, do a "On Move-out Walkthrough," take pictures again, write down any damages and note if they were there on move-in. Make sure you both have a copy of that as well. If there is no damage caused by you, then you should be able to get your security deposit back if you paid one along with the interest accrued. If the landlord refuses to give back your security deposit, ask for the reason in writing. If you want to dispute the reason, I would suggest contacting a Lawyer. These are only my opinions and you should always seek professional legal advice to help you in these matters.