Luxury rentals with fireplaces in MA?

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  • donthejuan
    2+ weeks old

    Luxury rentals with fireplaces in MA? In particular, Dedham? I am looking for a luxury apartment, my only requirement, if possible, would be a fireplace. Gas or wood fired would be fine. There is nothing nicer than coming home during a cold MA winter and firing up a fireplace after work with my lady friend.

    • LooEville
      2+ weeks old

      Unfortunately, there are no search settings for apartments that have fireplaces on the site. The best way to find an apartment with a fireplace would be to find a list of apartments that fit all of your other search criteria. Then, read the descriptions of the apartments and see if it says anything about fireplaces. You could also contact the realtors and see what they have to say or if they have any suggestions. Good luck!