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  • flyhigh12
    2+ weeks old

    A student looking for affordable place. I'm attending University of Massachusetts Amherst to trying to find affordable houses close by. I don't want to be right on the school because i hear kids get rowdy all night, i want to be at least 20-30 minutes from the school. Do have any 1 br apartments for $800.

    • Stin
      2+ weeks old


      Above is a link for apartments that fit your criteria. I set the range to 20 miles, so all of the apartments are within 20 miles of the campus, which should give you plenty of options and keep you away from campus. I would also suggest looking for a roommate or two to help you reduce your rent. Anyways, good luck with your search. Last suggestion: live near campus and get rowdy with the other kids. Whether you're an undergrad or a grad students, you're going to want to go out. Live it up!