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  • landlordinMA
    2+ weeks old

    Landlord in MA trying to evict tenant. Hello, I am a landlord in MA. I have a problem tenant. Basically, always late on the rent and the last two months, she has fallen behind 45 days. In addition to this, she has become a nuisance as well. What recourse do I have? Do I just tell her to get out and hope she honors my request? Any pointers regarding tenant/landlord law?

    • evicter
      2+ weeks old

      You can tell her that she is being evicted by the end of the month. Depending on your contract with her, you may be able to do it asap or may have wait a few months before she can be evicted. Either way if she is neglecting pay or if someone has a serious complaint about here, you most likely wil be able to easily evict her.