Westwego, LA flood concerns?

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  • hanniegirl
    2+ weeks old

    Westwego, LA flood concerns? I can't afford to live in NOLA, at least not in a semi decent neighborhood. First question: Does renters insurance protect against flooding? Been looking at Westwego, and I am curious about how the town did during Katrina? Second question: Are the same flood concerns here as NOLA? Does renters insurance protect against flooding?

    • Chuck K
      2+ weeks old

      Ordinarily, no, renter's insurance doesn't cover flood damages. You need a separate insurance for that (typically). However, because of the area's past history with floods, there may be renter's insurance that's different locally where they do offer flood protection. I would suggest talking to a landlord or real estate agent in the area -- they would definitely be familiar with this territory -- or speak to the insurance agencies directly. Good luck.