Cat Friendly in Berea?

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  • sandycan
    2+ weeks old

    Hello, I am a retired firefighter from Sarasota Florida looking to move to Berea, Ky in the next year. I have two cats both neutered and declawed very well behaved indoor cats. I see there are quite a few rentals that are townhouses,but have no pets policy then a deposit for the pets also. I am very serious about moving, would need a dishwasher, 1-2 beds and would prefer a washer and dryer. Thank you,

    • Trish
      2+ weeks old


      Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that matched your requirements in Berea. The closest I found anything was in Lexington, KY which is about 45 minutes from Berea. If Lexington is an option, search it and in the advanced options section, you can select the modifiers for Allow Cats, Dishwasher, and Washer and Dryer. This way you can check out the places and see if you'd be willing to consider Lexington rather than Berea. You can also continue to check, since we update our listings regularly.

      Let us know if there's anything more we can do, and good luck.