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  • lisa.nelson.14606
    2+ weeks old

    I want to relocate to Manhattan with my son. I need a two bedroom apartment or townhome. A major factor is out 10 year old dog. She is mixed breed but predominately lab. My budget is approximately 850. I will not go higher than 950. I have owned many homes and know how to take care of things. Please help me find a home.

    • Ferragamo 89
      2+ weeks old


      I found a 2 bed 1 bath apartment at Chase Manhattan for $725/month which allows cats/dogs. The only catch is that it is for June 3rd to July 31st, so two months. I'd guess if you can't find anything in time you like, you could check out this place for those two months to keep looking. If you want to keep this listing on the backburner just in case, their number is (785) 776-3663.

      Here are your regular lease options! There is the Cambridge Square Apartments & Townhomes, which allow small pets in the townhomes, though possibly you can negotiate with them if your dog is quiet/one of the smaller lab varieties. Two bedrooms start at $896/month though I am not positive they are townhomes. Their listing is a bit ambiguous. I recommend giving them a call at (866)240-0178.

      At the Park Place apartments, a 2 bedroom starts at $595/month, and allows most pets (Im guessing they only restrict the aggressive breeds). You can check their availability by calling (877) 312-2218.

      The Alliance Property Management Apartments allow pets and 2 bedrooms start at $550. Their number is (877) 525-7816.

      Hopefully you like one of these 3 options, but if not, there is always the fallback 2 month lease apartment. Good luck!