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  • carmen.ruggero.1
    2+ weeks old

    My lease is up in December 2013. That's when I plan to move. I would like a two bedroom, though if a one bedroom is all that's available, it will do. I have a dog, medium sized, 14 years old. Excellent animal. Loves people. I am a writer and translate fiction. What that means is that I live quietly.

    Thank you

    C. Ruggero

    • Jeyne-L
      2+ weeks old

      Hi ~ I found about 8 options for 2 bedrooms in Muncie that allow dogs! I'm not sure what your price range is like, but the most inexpensive listing is a 2 bedroom that starts at $415/month at the Creekside Apartments (765) 588-4293, though income restrictions DO apply. At the other end of the spectrum, the Everbrook Apartments offer 2 bedrooms starting at $750/month, which have cathedral ceilings, one car garages, and seem really nice. Click on to read more about them. The Snowmass Apartments seem to be run by the same people, or otherwise are just a very similar listing, but these 2 bedrooms are $700/month and are 950 square feet too.

      There's plenty of middle ground in Muncie, too. The American Collegiate Communities are oriented to Ball State college students, and the Woods Edge Apartments (where a 2 bedroom starts at $715/month) is right on the MITS line to BSU and Walmart for those who frequently utilize public transit. Click here to learn more about Woods Edge.

      In any case, Muncie has a lot of different options for you to look into, and also good news is that you are well-prepared and starting the search early! Good luck!