Need an apartment with bike storage

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  • biker_Tom
    2+ weeks old

    Need an apartment with bike storage. I use my bike to get everywhere. I need to find an apartment with some type of secure bike storage. I really don't want my bike in my apartment. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Apollo.SP
      2+ weeks old

      I would suggest narrowing down your search using all of the other criteria that you want your apartment to have. Once you find the apartments that fit what you want, go to the advanced options setting and click on the box that says storage space. If you find an apartment that you like that also has storage space, then great, you should be all set. However, if you don't find any apartments that you like that are equipped with storage space, contact the landlord of the places that you liked that did not have storage. Some apartments have garages that you may be able to use for a small fee or a shed that you could use for free. These most likely won't be listed as amenities, so I would contact the landlord directly and ask what they can do. I wouldn't expect this to cost you any more than $10 a month, but you should probably be able to find something for no charge. If none of the landlords cooperate and say they have something for you, try looking for apartments with walk in closest so that you can store the bike in there. To do this, just got to the advanced options setting and click on the walk in closet option.