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  • david.geske12732
    2+ weeks old

    Starting a new job at Caterpillar Inc....I need an apartment soon...where is a good area to start?

    • Lester MacArthur
      2+ weeks old

      Congratulations on the job. Peoria is a great community, there are plenty of areas to look in. I would start by looking at this link:

      This site documents everything about a town/city, from its public education to its crime. After studying these characteristics in each neighborhood, it maps out which communities are the best in Peoria. You should spend some time looking through each neighborhood. Once you decide where in Peoria you want to start looking, go to this link:

      This link will take you to MyApartmentMap's famous "Map" feature for Peoria. You can browse apartments based on location, so its easy to find properties in the neighborhood you want. Good luck with your search, I hope you find a place you like.