How is Big Ed's BBQ?

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  • BBQlover
    2+ weeks old

    How is Big Ed's BBQ? My apartment is just around the corner from Big Ed's BBQ. My landlord said it was really good. Anyone else think it's good? I'm from TN and I love a good BBQ!

    • Melina B
      2+ weeks old

      Excellent! Ed is a good family friend, and I have known him for years. He has a personality that's just as great as the ribs he serves up. I would definitely recommend giving the place a try, you won't be disappointed! Even better that you're from Tennessee, because you'll be a great judge. I don't want to say that the food surpasses barbecue from the south because I'm not familiar enough with southern BBQ, but maybe you can make the call for me... tell me what you think!