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  • helpamotherout
    2+ weeks old

    Gangs in Maywood. Worried I moved to the wrong city. I am a single mother, I have a 14 year old boy. We recently moved to Maywood and I can already see gangs are an issue. Now, since I cannot monitor my boy and he has no real role models, I feel he might fall into one of these gangs. Does the city have an outreach program? Some sort of mentoring program for it's young residents? Anything?

    • moveout
      2+ weeks old

      The link above is for the youth outreach program that the city offers. This is an excellent program and has helped a lot of children that are susceptible to gang violence. If you moved here for work, than there's nothing you can really do, but I would suggest looking somewhere else for a job so that you can move asap. although the program is great, there is no program for children that are surrounded by this environment. The best possible scenario would be to move out of the city and to a safer and quieter area.