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  • newrenter
    2+ weeks old

    Renting an apartment with zero credit history and zero references? No, I was not born yesterday. I just don't have any credit. I am 19, this will be my first apartment and have not yet established credit. As for rental references, I don't think I really have anyone who can vouch for me. Would a friend or parent work?

    • Guillermo.G
      2+ weeks old

      Depends on the landlord. For the credit issue, you may be better off if you can get a parent with credit to co-sign for you. If you show your landlord that you have a steady job or some form of income, than they should be ok with the fact that you don't have credit. Also, as a first time renter they most likely won't expect you to have references. Basically it depends on the landlord. If they seem cool, then they'll probably be ok with it, but you just don't know until you talk to them about your situation.