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  • savannahpalomba
    2+ weeks old

    Does anyone know of any landlords or buildings that do not discriminate against dog breeds? Thanks!!

    • toskanelia.palmer
      2+ weeks old

      It's not discrimination with regard to the dog. Most dog owners refuse to carry any type of insurance. Not to mention the wear and tear on a unit if dogs are present. The landlord doesn't want to be sued or held responsible if your dog bites someone on his/her property. I don't blame them.

      Try a private owner and make sure you get some insurance. No one wants to be bitten by a Rotweiler if that's the breed that you have.

      Not everyone LIKES dogs. I wished that people understood that!!

    • MyApartmentMap
      2+ weeks old

      Have you tried calling around? What breed is your dog?

    • dlnickel10729
      2+ weeks old

      Hi! You will have better luck with independent owners and certain neighborhoods. If landlords have trouble renting because of the neighborhood, they will take any dogs. There are many Rogers Park Apartments. Also, Google "Dog Friendly Apartments Chicago". Good Luck.