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  • jeffp
    2+ weeks old

    Trying to find a place in Des Moines that allows 3 dogs as listed below - have posted to craigslist, sent emails to most places, and get the standard - "no more than 2 dogs" - is there ANYWHERE that will make an exception.

    I'm considering a position with Wells Fargo in Des Moines, my wife is retired military and State of South Dakota Probation Officer, I'm retired military but still working a bit. We are older professionals (50's) with 3 older, friendly, housebroken, fixed lazy bum dogs. The breeds and size are - one Great Pyrennees at 98 pounds and 2 Corgis at about 30 pounds each. I'm wondering if they would be allowed in the above referenced property since my wife is retired she'd be at home with the dogs most of the time. We are homeowners (9900 Canyon Place Rapid City SD) and understand what it takes to keep a property from becoming "doggy."

    Could you let me know if this is acceptable and where the property is located in Des Moines (address).


    • MyApartmentMap
      2+ weeks old

      Hi, I believe you forgot to list the property? You make reference to one in particular, I do not see the information in your post.