Big closets at Cedar Crest?

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  • Shoes_Rock
    2+ weeks old

    Big closets at Cedar Crest? I'm trying to find an apartment with big or lots of closet space. I have a lot of cloths and I'm tired of storing shoes under my bed. Seems like it takes forever to find what I need in my apartment. 

    • Kim
      2+ weeks old

      I know what you're saying, I've been through that problem myself plenty times. So that's why I'm thrilled to tell you that Cedar Crest has walk-in closets! You're going to love them, they're spacious and very helpful for a gal with a lot of outfits (guilty!). I'm not ashamed to say that the walk-in closets are definitely a selling point for some people. If you want to know more about Cedar Crest check this link out: