I am only getting a weeks notice to ...

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  • 1week2live
    2+ weeks old

    I am only getting a weeks notice to vacate my apartment. Landlord said that is all he needs to give me. No reason given either. Is this allowed? How much notice am I entitled to by law? I am a model tenant, not a single issue.

    • cowboysfan6980
      2+ weeks old

      This by far is not allowed. A landlord is required by Iowa law to give you a 30 day written notice. You can be entitled to your rent back and your deposit but that would have to be settled in small claims. 4. A landlord who fails to provide a written statement within thirty days of termination of the tenancy and receipt of the tenant's mailing address or delivery instructions shall forfeit all rights to withhold any portion of the rental deposit. If no mailing address or instructions are provided to the landlord within one year from the termination of the tenancy the rental deposit shall revert to the landlord and the tenant will be deemed to have forfeited all rights to the rental deposit. here is the link http://secure.uslegalforms.com/lawsummary/IA/IA...