can a friend take over my lease?

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  • tessa
    2+ weeks old

    can a friend take over my lease? I'm Relocating to another state and offered my friend to take over my apartment lease. Is that allowed or does she have to go through the application process?

    • oceancityy
      2+ weeks old

      Depending on how strict your landlord is you may be able to get away with this, but generally this is not allowed. I would speak with your landlord so that you don't get into any legal trouble. Where are you relocating? Hawaii is an amazing place, I think you might be making a mistake. I would really evaluate why you are moving and if it is really worth leaving such a great place. If you do decide to move, move somewhere on the water. I've lived on the ocean my whole life, but moved a few years ago and was 2 hours away from the ocean. I moved after a month. I couldn't take it. Anyways, good luck with the move and remember, check with your landlord. If he's a cool guy and is promised his money he might not care who's living there.