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  • AnchorGirl
    2+ weeks old

    My boyfriend is in the Navy, but he's currently deployed at the moment and I home in New Jersey. We're looking into apartments/condos/houses to rent when he returns. I'm having a hard time finding anything that is pet friendly. If it is pet friendly, it has restrictions. Does anyone know of places or someone who could help me even though I am a few thousand miles away. Thanks in advance!

    • Katie
      2+ weeks old

      Did you try and do a pet friendly apartment search?
      You say that some apartments have pet retractions. What type of restriction is preventing your pet from being accepted?

      • AnchorGirl
        2+ weeks old

        I did try the pet friendly search. The restriction that would prevent him from being accepted is the fact that he's grouped with the bully breed and he's bigger then the allowed weight limit. He's an amazing dog. He doesn't bark and is very well behaved.

    • 2+ weeks old

      Hello there! 1. When do you plan to move? 2. What type of pet you are having ?

      Our rental units allow pet and does not have weight restriction; the only thing is that you will need to hand carry your pet off / on the premise if you have the need to take your pet out for a walk.

      You can check out our rental listing here:

      Best regard,

      Quyen Baumgartner