Is there a lot of crime in Statesboro?

Statesboro, GA ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakIs there a lot of crime in Statesboro?

  • Givennea
    2+ weeks old

    Is there a lot of crime in Statesboro? I guess what I really am asking is where should I stay the heck away from when searching for an apartment? I want to feel safe, even while looking at new pads. Don't care what the apartment looks like as long as it's in a safe location. 

    • Jazz
      2+ weeks old

      Stay away from Park Place- myself and everyone I know who lived there was robbed within a week of moving in. The places on Lanier Drive and Chandler Road are mostly on campus so there are city and campus police around to keep things mellow. I'd be careful of the places closer to downtown. As a delivery driver I can tell you that we don't deliver to Fox Ridge, Blakewood, Morris Heights or anywhere on Mikell Street after 5pm. The Garden District has the best inclusive rates. The Exchange and The Forum are both gated. Good luck!