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  • melanie
    2+ weeks old

    I'm looking for an apartment that has low income for the disabled that's based on my income. Can you help?

    • clarabells
      2+ weeks old

      I hope so! I believe you're referring to Section 8 housing, which means the government will help or adjust the rents for low income households. The nearest Section 8 housing to Smyrna listed on this website is a couple miles away, in Marietta. The easiest resource I can suggest for locating more Section 8 listings is probably,, or other various sites specifically compiling housing for Section 8.

      If you're interested in the listing on this website in Marietta, it is called Crescent Square, on 2050 Austell Road, Marietta, GA, where 1 bedroom is $519/month, but they take Section 8.