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  • whiteboyinGA
    2+ weeks old

    Martinez, GA, this place sounds mighty Mexican. Not that there is anything wrong with it being dominated by Latinos, but the Martinez name gives off a Latino vibe. What is the residential makeup of Martinez?

    • Don Wahn
      2+ weeks old

      Well, yes, Martinez is a typically Latino name. I don't know if I agree with your term, "mighty Mexican." And despite the name, only 2% of the population is of Latino or Hispanic descent. 84% of the residents are White. So you might say it's "mighty White." Not sure what this data means to you, but those are the statistics.

    • While there is a growing Latino community everywhere (a that trend that will likely continue for the forseeable future), Martinez, Georgia was so named LONG before census data identified the trend, and the population doesn't reflect that trend any more than any other metropolitan area, and in fact, probably reflects it somewhat less. Per census data collected in 2000, the demographics were overwhelmingly caucasian, at 89.98%, and affluent. And FYI, in Georgia, the name has a decidedly UN-Latino pronunciation (locally, it is pronounced mar-tuhn-EZ versus mar-TEEN-ez). Hope that helps!