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  • Chicomin
    2+ weeks old

    Georgia State University Student. I'll be going to Georgia State University. I'm coming from a very rural town in MI. So I need lots of help! Will I need a car? Are there lots of apartments close to the school? Is it easy to find roommates? Thank you so much for your help!!!

    • DeShone Hollis
      2+ weeks old

      Yes You will need the car But GA State is located in Downtown Atlanta where you have 2 trains and buses everywhere. The School should have apartments for you but there are some very nice apartments in the area. You just have to look around. Atlanta is Big but easy to figure out. Give yourself a month or two and you will be fine getting around. Go on they have great apartments you should look up apartments in area code 30316 and 30315 (Atlanta) If you don't mind a little drive maybe 15 minutes or so than 30032 (Decatur) Also. If you can afford to spend a little money than Atlantic station or midtown is great. Hope this helps. GOOD luck on your education!