bad reviews are questioning my decision

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  • ladyluck23
    2+ weeks old

    Bad reviews are questioning my decision. I've heard bad remarks about Albany, about the people and poverty rate. but when i look at prices they seem reasonable for my budget. Should i take the risk and get a place in Albany or should i keep on searching?

    • JapCap
      2+ weeks old

      Well, it all depends about what is important for you. If price is the mos important thing, than don't worry about the reviews. But, if you are worried about the people or the poverty, than I would try to look for somewhere outside of Albany that is better rated. You could also look near a college campus, as these areas are usually not poor and are inhabited by college students, rather than people in poverty that are unemployed. If I were you I would look in a suburb that has better reviews and that still fits your price range. You could also try to find someone in the area that you trust (friend or family member) that would be able to give you a review of Albany and see if it would be a good fit for you.