Is there Zip Car in Sanford?

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  • PertLio663
    2+ weeks old

    Is there Zip Car in Sanford? I'm moving from Boston and I don't have a car. I use a service called Zip Car, basically its cheaper then owning a car. It's sort of like a rental car but like a time share. Someone know if there is something like this in Sanford?

    • TheOldPeopleState
      2+ weeks old

      The nearest zip car is a little less than 40 minutes away at the UCF campus. So, you're either going to need to get your own car or move closer to the campus. Since you're in FL and there is minimal public transportation, I would HIGHLY suggest getting a car. In Boston you have the option to take the T basically anywhere (I used to live there) and it doesn't make sense to have a car. However, here in FL--the home of the old, crippled, rich, and retired--there is no public transportation because everyone has a car. Even if there was public transportation, old people here wouldn't use it, and that's the market in FL. If it doesn't make grandma happy and she isn't going to spend money on it, then don't bother bringing it here. That's the truth.