Old Palm vs. Country Club at Mirasol

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  • Golfer54
    2+ weeks old

    Old Palm vs. Country Club at Mirasol. Alright golfers I need some input! Which course is better? I just moved here and I need to get back to golfing. My old apartment was on a course and boy do I miss it!

    • equilibrio
      2+ weeks old

      The two courses are very similar and I like to golf at both. My business has a membership to Old Palm, so I go there with people from work and with clients, but I have a personal membership to Marisol. Marisol is more of a casual place to me, only because I'm not doing business when I go and my game is better there when I don't need to keep up or relax with clients. The key to golfing with clients is to stay within their range, but pull out at the end a little bit just to show them who's in charge. However, it does depend on the client, and if they are a big time client you want them to have the lead at times. You have to be able to read the person and know what their personality is like and gauge whether you think that they are expecting you to win or not or how they will feel if you win, or if they win. It's a tricky balance.