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Oakland Park, FL ApartmentsbreakCommunity Forumbreakwhat kind of security can apartment buildings offer?

  • jumpinjill
    2+ weeks old

    what kind of security can apartment buildings offer? My friend and I want to stay in the Fort Lauderdale area but our last place had terrible security. anyone could walk in. We go out a lot at night and when walking back home it felt sketchy to walk. We need a place that has top notch security and doesn't allow people to just walk in.

    • Yoyo Pa
      2+ weeks old

      It's unusual for someone to just be able to walk into an apartment building. Most complexes take certain precautions. On a basic level, in many places you can't get in without a key or typing a passcode. Others, there are doormen who keep a watch on who enters and leaves. More expensive buildings have their own security team that keeps a watch on the building, both inside and out, via cameras and patrolmen. You should make sure your next property includes at least one of these features.