What areas are safe?

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  • CarmenHill
    2+ weeks old

    What areas are safe? I'm really excited to move to Miami. I'm hoping someone can help me though. I know that some parts of Miami are unsafe. Can someone point me in the right direction? I don't think I can afford to be right on the water. 

    • mikefong
      2+ weeks old

      The north grove, near to U of M, Coral Gables area, and Westchester, are all safe areas to live. Check craigs luist in the North Grove area for nice, safe and well maintaned housing.

    • PCrest
      2+ weeks old

      The safest place to look is at the southern boundaries of the city--somewhere like Pinecrest--where the crime rate is much lower than the crime rate in other parts of Miami. The crime rate also drops as you move away from the beach, but this change is not huge and may not be worth giving up the beach front beauty.

    • Legally we cannot say what ares are unsafe, so I will point you towards safe ones, even though in any, even luxurious, full secured areas you will have to use common sense.Miami Beach and South Beach are very touristy, Coral Gables is very family friendly. Let me know your price range and I will send you a list of properties.