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  • Thermadore
    2+ weeks old

    What should I pay for rent. Wow there are a ton of available apartments in Gainesville! Does anyone know what the rent should be on a one bedroom apartment? I just don't want to over pay. Seems like with that many apartments for rent, the prices should be competitive. 

    • Rob R
      2+ weeks old

      Yes, definitely a lot of apartments in Gainesville. That's the upside of living in a college town! A lot of selection. For a one bedroom, MyApartmentMap lists the average price in Gainesville at $643. So, the range extends from $550-750, depending on the quality of the place and amenities, but the middle mark is around $650. Good luck.

      • archsticksnstones23781
        2+ weeks old

        Rent really varies based on the apartment complex and the area in Gainesville. If you are looking for a brand new apartment near UF, you'll pay more than if you are willing to live a 30 minute drive (with traffic) away from the University. You can find some apartments that are as low as $449 per month per person here: http://www.trimarkproperties.com/index.php

    • The advice below is correct. The closer you get to campus, the more expensive the apartment will be. Newer apartments near UF range from $950 - $1300 for 1 bedroom apartments within walking distance of campus.

      It also depends on how old the apartment complex is and what is included in the rent. There are quite a few apartments in Gainesville with "all inclusive rental rates". This basically means that the rental rate includes water, electric, and other utilities (sometimes the rental rate will include Ethernet and cable as well). Often times, these apartments are furnished.

      All of this will impact rental rates.