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  • Sarareilley13759
    2+ weeks old

    Do any apartments accepts pit bulls? I am having a very hard time finding anywhere that will allow my puppy.

    • Geneva Tyler
      2+ weeks old

      Hey Sara,

      I know pitbulls are difficult to find homes for, as sweet as they can be. I found a few places that say nothing about breed restrictions:
      The Gables Wilton (888)791-0801 (around $1500 for studios, $1700 one bedroom)
      The Hamptons(888) 883-5153 (in North Lauderdale, not sure how important distance is to you, but much cheaper, around $845 for one bedroom)
      The Exchange Lofts(866) 337-4521 (around $1700 for one bedroom) conducts pet interviews, but has no specific breed restrictions.

      If none of these work for you, or to check them out, on this site when you search Ft.Lauderdale, go into advanced options, and select the 'allows large dogs' modifier. I know it's a puppy, but any that will allow pitbulls will be in this list. You can narrow your search also by adjusting the 'range' and 'price' slide bars.

      If no breed restrictions are listed, you'll probably be okay, but a phone call might be a good idea so you don't count on one place that turns out to discriminate.

      If you narrow your search requirements and I can help you any further, feel free to ask, and I will get back to you more quickly, I apologize for this delayed response.

      Good luck to you and your pooch!